Samsung’s first iTunes-ready TVs are here – Engadget

Samsung’s first iTunes-ready TVs are here – Engadget

That’s not the only hook, of course. They all support the updated Bixby, and they’ll soon recognize commands from Alexa and Google Assistant. The included remote now support far-field voice so that you won’t have to hold it close to issue voice instructions. And if you’re the gaming sort, the combination of Auto Game Mode, Game Motion Plus and Freesync support should keep latency, blur and screen tearing to a minimum.
Pricing is incomplete at the moment, but there are details for Samsung’s flagship 8K range. The Q900 sets start at $5,000 for a 65-inch set and peak at the same eye-watering $15,000 for an 85-inch version that you saw last year (there’s no word on the 98-inch screen yet). You might not have to hollow out your bank account to go 8K , then — just don’t expect it to be as accessible as 4K in the near future.

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