New Products

New Products

Automated Liquid-Handling System

CyBio FeliX is a flexible pipetting platform for fully automated single- to multichannel liquid-handling tasks, and can be equipped according to your individual process. It features up to 384 channels and a volume range of 0.5 µL–1,000 µL, enabling parallel transfer in 96- and 384-well formats, and pipetting with single channel, by column, or by row. Given the platform’s modular design, customization to lab requirements is possible. Application-specific configurations can be adjusted and expanded according to specific needs. The high degree of automation allows CyBio FeliX to detect and change tips and pipetting tools independently within a pipetting routine. The pipetting heads are also easy to replace.

Live-Cell Imaging System
The BioSpa Live-Cell Imaging System integrates the BioSpa 8 Auto-mated Incubator and Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader, fully automating kinetic live-cell imaging and analysis, such as 3D cell culture and phenotypic assays. Plate washing and reagent dispensing can be added to the system for complete walkaway automation, from sample prep through image analysis. BioSpa allows full, unattended workflow automation for up to eight microplates and other labware. The system also features integrated temperature and CO2/O2 control, plus humidity monitoring; fluorescence, high-contrast brightfield, color-brightfield, and phase-contrast imaging; and an OnDemand mode that enables the removal/replacement of labware, independent scheduling, and multiuser profiles.

DNA Sequencing Chip Kit
The Ion 520 Chip Kit contains eight barcoded chips for sample tracking and sequencing with the Ion S5 and Ion S5 XL Sequencing Systems. The kit electronically detects polymerase-driven base incorporation without the use of fluorescence. By eliminating the use of an optical detection system, this NGS technology allows for rapid sequencing times—as little as 2.5 h for 200-bp sequencing. Depending on the application, the Ion 520 generates 3–6 million reads. It is compatible with current library preparation methods, and can read lengths up to 600 bp to support numerous research protocols, including targeted gene sequencing and microbial sequencing. 

Automated DNA/RNA Isolation
The chemagic Prime instrument offers automated nucleic acid isolation and assay setup by combining PerkinElmer’s chemagic 360 instrument with the JANUS automated liquid-handling system. It uses patented magnetic bead technology [magnetic polyvinyl alcohol (M-PVA) Magnetic Beads] along with fully automated liquid handling, to provide high-quality, high-yield isolation of nucleic acids from a variety of sample types, suitable for NGS, multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA), genotyping, and PCR. Unlike other automated solutions, chemagic Prime uses magnetized rods instead of magnetic plates to separate nucleic acids from solutions. By transferring the beads instead of the process solutions, contamination risk is minimized, and higher-purity, more-intact DNA and RNA can be isolated. Reagent kits are available for isolating DNA and RNA from various human samples, including whole blood, saliva, plasma, tissues, FFPE samples, and feces.

Automated Nucleic Acid Preparation System
A modular, automated liquid-handling and purification system developed by Promega Corporation for its Maxwell nucleic acid preparation offers labs newfound flexibility as compared to large, all-in-one instruments. The configurable system has two components: The Maxprep Liquid Handler provides automation for sample preparation of the Maxwell RSC (Rapid Sample Concentrator) cartridges and trays as well as postextraction sample preparation for fluorescent quantitation, sample normalization, and a variety of PCR reaction setups; and the Maxwell RSC 48 Instrument works with convenient, individual prefilled cartridges to process any number of samples from 1 to 48, without the risk of wasting reagents. Promega Portal Software allows the new and existing Maxwell RSC and Maxprep instruments to work together to transfer sample-tracking information from one device to the next to build a complete nucleic acid preparation workflow. Data can also be imported into a laboratory information management system.

Automated Plate Handler
The S-LAB from Peak Analysis & Automation (PAA) is an easy-to-use, compact, and affordable single-instrument loading solution, with the same reliability as a robotic arm. It easily fits standard lab benches and most safety cabinets, delivering reliable automation that accommodates varying workflows and lab space without stretching budgets. An onboard camera system enables easy instrument alignment and verification, and there is no requirement for a separate PC, thanks to an embedded controller and software. S-LAB is easily controlled via a smart, web-based application that can be run on any device, including a smartphone. It also boasts efficient, reliable handling of lidded microplates, with a capacity of up to 100 unlidded/80 lidded plates and the ability to handle most standard and deep-well microplates. There is also an optional barcode reader, compatible with industry standard formats.

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