Actress Olivia Wilde hits the campaign trail. (For her mom!)

Actress Olivia Wilde hits the campaign trail. (For her mom!)

“I see that as a desperate attempt to explain why there is an incredible groundswell of support around this campaign,” she said. “I’m sure they’re panicked. Because Trump won this district by 11 points and now this race is neck-and-neck.”

She added that her mother’s background in journalism trained her to be a good listener, which is often lacking in politics, and that she admired her mom for taking a risk after a long career, instead of retiring in comfort and resting on her laurels.
“She’s fearless and tireless and determined and that is what it takes to succeed,” Wilde said.
Her partner, Sudeikis, sporting American flag socks and a flat cap, agreed. “Anybody that would stand outside and have a perception of us, they don’t understand where we’re coming from, because it’s not Hollywood,” he said, noting that he’s from Kansas and that they live in Brooklyn.
Kurt Bardella, a former Republican operative who switched teams under Trump, has been critical of Democrats’ Hollywood-inspired messaging, which he says doesn’t appeal to middle-class voters. But he said he thought Republicans look “ridiculous” for going after Wilde, “given their own constant rhetoric about family values.”

A tiny fraction Hollywood executives and entertainers donated money to Republicans this year, according to the Hollywood Reporter, though Trump insists they love him.
“I have many friends out there, many Hollywood friends,” he told Fox News Thursday, promising many will secretly vote for him.

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